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14th June
written by Dom
Telecoms guy Jason - my second supplier with bits of my new roller shutter

Telecoms guy and part time racer Jason - my second supplier with bits of my new roller shutter

So I am now the proud owner of a brand new roller shutter! Jason, my supplier is clearly more techy than myself and explained how I might want to find a mate with a welder to help assemble it – I don’t have a mate with a welder, but I do have perseverence and bloody mindedness (and the added advantage that I am constructing my building round the shutter rather than fitting it into a hole in an existing building). £120 off of eBay seems quite reasonable for a new shutter as my (albeit limited) investigations were pointing out about £400 for a new one from a local supplier.

Jason seemed a thoroughly nice bloke who recognised my slightly tatty old Volvo for the thoroughbred it once was and immediately offered me 4 nearly new 215x40R17 tyres for the princely sum of £35 Result!

An utterly lovely day out with the family visiting my Gran, gorgeous pub lunch followed by hours sitting in the sun in her idyllic cottage garden, rounded off nicely by an admirer stopping in the street and offering to buy my car (I’d cleaned it) and the little boy up the road explaining that he loves my cat Max – he calls him “Fifi” and his mother gives him milk regularly 😉 That’s a lovely Sunday for you.