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23rd July
written by Dom

The Lighthouse by Potton

The Lighthouse by Potton

Well, not quite – I suspect that gorgeous cladding is somewhat more sexy than my good ol’ exterior ply.

Joe Martoccia, from Kingspan Off-Site mentioned it in a comment on my Paean to Kingspan from last week and a beautiful thing it is too. Available in kit form for self builders at an undisclosed (to me anyway) price. I can probably safely state that it’s gonna be wee bit out of my current price range but it’s absolutely inspiring.

Perhaps more important to some than how it looks is how it works – designated the UK’s first net-zero carbon self build home, it uses a plethora of cutting edge concepts such as a photovoltaic array on the roof, a biomass boiler and wind-catcher coupled with construction from Kingspan TEK Structurally insulated panels to meet level 6 (the highest level) of the code for sustainable homes.
Wowzer. What’s more, it’s not just a picture – the house exists and can be visited in Watford. Read more at Potton’s website.