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26th August
written by Dom

Just finished boxing in the roof-light (pics to follow). Purchased £400 odd worth of top quality t&g cedar planking to finish the exterior (due to be delivered in 5 days or so, a new belt sander (£80 worth for £15!) and some varnish to finish out the office.
The job is coming to a close – which is at the same time wonderful and slightly poignant. It’s cost me more than a grand – so in one way I guess I’ve failed (I haven’t done the sums yet, but I reckon it’s getting dangerously close to double the original haphazard valuation) but I still feel I’ve done well – after all I have a truly great space, which does everything I want – looks to me like a grand design, is warm/cool and watertight, takes up no more room than my old shed, offers an office as well as a useable storage space for all the shit that’s been clogging up my house for so long- yet has cost me less than a twelfth of the price of my starting inspiration – the Ecospace Garden Studio.
What I suppose I’ve learnt is that those tossers on Grand Designs aren’t perhaps as objectionable as I first thought – when you have a dream of something it doesn’t matter how tight you are;- you will compromise the budget to make it good – when you’ve invested so much time, the money becomes less important than making it as good as you can.
While I was on holiday in Cornwall last week I hooked up with a very old friend who’s been living rough in an old stables for five years while waiting for the planning permission to come through – it kinda put my little project into context, yet made me proud of what I’ve managed to do in what has been (by my reckoning) about a month’s solid work.
I’m trying to convince my friend that his conversion might make a viable next feature for One Grand Designs – in the meantime I do have some other projects bubbling around – this blog has introduced me to the Arduino and Hackspace communities in Liverpool, and I still have my electric motorbike to finish (now that I actually have a shed to work on it in) – If you have any ideas for future projects, are contemplating your own “one grand design” or have any questions – please get in touch – I’ll make sure to feature them here.