6th September
written by Dom
You can actually watch the building become slicker as you nail each board on!

You can actually watch the building become slicker as you nail each board on!

Rain stopped play unfortunately just as I was getting into the groove this afternoon. Can’t believe it’s my building under there! So glad I decided to go with the cedar now – shiplap would never have looked this slick. The wood is so easy to work and gives such a clean, sharp finish it’s untrue.

You can just see underneath the cladding next to the sliding door how I’ve “built out” the battening on the front of the shed to give a more dramatic front to the building. The cedar cuts like butter and offers such lovely smooth lines that I very quickly saw I could get the dramatic lines of the “Ecospace” studio quite simply by building additional depth into the front of the design…

I simply added another CLS batten underneath, allowing the cladding to “stick out”, making both the “step” at the end of the sliding door and the entrance to the roller shutter more defined, by adding more depth.

Am considering cedar cladding my volvo – it’s boxy enough…

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  1. Craig Jardine

    looking good. nice contrast with the roller door too.

  2. Jonathan Kearney

    Shed looks great, well done! Where did you get your cladding? Did you just nail it to the frame? How is it looking now over after year of use?

  3. Dom

    Thank you 😉 I bought the cladding from a local supplier in Widnes; FinnForest ( http://www.finnforest.co.uk ). They don’t usually deal direct with the public (or at least they didn’t in 2009) but they pointed me in the direction of a local retailer who dealt with them, so I probably ended up paying a bit more than I should have, but that’s in the nature of being a small-time project…
    The frame was built using fairly straightforward battening process (like you would with a stud wall – the big fenceposts were sunk in the corners and then strung together with simple scant. This supported both the internal ply/kingspan sandwich and the external cladding I simply nailed onto it, as it’s t&g it’s very straightforward.

    The shed’s still looking great (getting on for TWO years later now)- the cedar is starting to weather in and go that lovely grey colour, it’s still watertight(!) which is a good thing. Got to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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