7th June
written by Dom
My first sketchup render - it's all to scale - but I don't know about the roller shutter yet

My first sketchup render - it's all to scale - but I don't know about the roller shutter yet

OK – it’s not an ecospace studio yet(!) – just the first stab at seeing how the windows fit into the overall space I’ve got – and I don’t reckon it’s too bad. I plan on building the walls out of a sandwich of “kingspan” insulated foam panels glued to sheets of weatherproof Oriented Strand Board (OSB3). They’ll be hung from 4inch square timber posts sunk in concrete post-holders at the four corners and butting up to either side of the doors. I’ll then clad the whole lot in cedar (if I can afford it).

I plan on insulating the floor of the office section with more kingspan and making the roof out of the same kingspan/OSB sandwich. I’m in two minds about felting the roof or putting a sedum “living roof” up there – again price will be the key. I welcome your comments! (click the “0 Comments”) link below.

You can download the Google sketchup shed model itself here (Google sketchup is a free download for mac and pc available from here)

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  1. 08/06/2009

    Sketchup looks good, however as I understand it won’t run on Linux?

  2. Dom

    You’re right – it won’t run natively, although there are reports of it running well under wine – see here : http://bit.ly/x7zpp

  3. 10/06/2009

    I like it. In fact I’m going to get something similar for the new house as I need a space for bikes, gardening tools, etc.

  4. 10/06/2009

    If your shed comes out looking anything remotely like that, it’s going to look pretty damn good! Good luck. I’ll have to pop over when it’s finished! 😉

  5. Dom

    Indeed! – If it looks like that I’m gonna make it into a “show shed” 😉

  6. Ellie

    My mate works in a timber yard

  7. 29/06/2009

    Hi Dom – at last I’ve been able to find a bit of time to develop my own ‘garden office’ blog site, which I hope will become something a bit wider in time, if you get a chance have a look at http://www.humbledesigns.co.uk

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