21st January
written by Dom

OK – fairly sure nobody’s actually watching any more – but let’s try(!) – The shed has been a functional (if wet at times) space for the last few months, but I’m finally getting round to making it somewhere I want to be… I had a damp-proof course issue which led me to install a “floating” floor – I didn’t realise that I was actually trapping any water which might make it down between the yard wall and the shed back wall in a non-breathing “swimming pool” in the bottom of the shed. This led to a fairly depressing couple of months where the (water based) varnish was lifting up off the floor and base of the walls – indeed in some sections the walls were beginning to develop a coating of mould – not good.

However, pulling the DPC in from between the brick foundation and base of the back wall and putting in the floating floor (loft boards screwed into standard scant) has utterly changed the interior. Pulling up the varnished plywood wasn’t easy but it’s allowed me to replace it with more comfortable (and far more practical) Coir matting – that’s doormats to you and me (5 of ’em, great big ones – total cost about £60 – it’s like hard-wearing shag pile!)

instant carpet - been wanting to do this for ages - they're big doormats

instant carpet - been wanting to do this for ages - they're big doormats

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  1. 21/01/2010

    Great tip on using coir matting doormats, and nice to have you back.

  2. Dom

    Nice to be back thanks(!) – The doormats were so cheap I couldn’t not do it really, but check this out [ebay link] – it’s not as cheap as I thought at first – but it’s very neat – almost like proper carpet

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