31st May
written by Dom

When I first had the idea I reckoned the internet was going to be my friend here – I love the idea of freecycle and donated Doogle’s puppy crate to  a grateful freecycler a couple of years ago. – I’ll admit I got a bit tired of the regular emails and spam-filtered them – which turns out to have been a bad idea – Yahoo Groups blocked my account which has made joining up again harder than I imagined.

I was banking on freecycle being one of my primary sources for materials for the project, so – fired up as one only can be at the start of a project – I tried to join Widnes freecycle – they’re only up the road I thought (certainly closer than a significant proportion of Liverpool) and I thought I should try and join as many as possible – the Freecycle sign up form says after all “Are you a member of another freecycle group? – we don’t mind

How surprised was I then to find out I’d been refused membership – I got a short email from Caz, Enid, Jake and Mel of Widnes freecycle stating “Thanks for that information, unfortunately we keep members local to the groups (Widnes Freecycle covers Halton) and only take the nearest outsiders if members have posted to their local group first and have not had much luck.”

Well, Caz, Enid, Jake and Mel, thanks for that information – Next time I’ve got a piece of junk item of undoubted value to somebody – possibly in the Widnes area – I’m trying to get rid of, I’ll take it to the tip.

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  1. 01/08/2009


    I like to make use of skips etc. but have found the Yahoo frecycle groups are good for freebies, but be aware stuff goes quickly, so its best to set it for individual emails, rather daily digest or view on the web.

    For bargain prices on Kingspan, there’s a company down here (Herefordshire) called Seconds and Co which handles all the seconds from Kingspan. every now and then they have sales where you can collect a pallet load (4 x 4 x 6 foot) of seconds from their yard for £10 – £20 a pallet! They also deliver, but not the bargain pallets :o(

    Have fun


  2. carol

    i have also tried to join the widnes group and for some reason unbeknown to me they have said I am banned from them, , but my mum who lives just around the corner from me is on the list , think power has gone to their heads

  3. Dom

    I fear you may be right Carol. Thing is, there are plenty of these groups about – there are two at least in Liverpool (Freegle and Freecycle) – there seems to be very little to stop anybody starting one up. I’m amazed Widnes are still going, given their obstructive attitude – of course it does leave the Market open for somebody to start a rival (Widnes Freegle?) more friendly group – I’m sure everybody who’s been refused access to the Widnes Freecycle group would join…

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