1st September
written by Dom

Cedar cladding arrived today while I was at work. My son answered the door but they wouldn’t help him carry it through to the back yard (Boo! you know who you are!) So my wife and family were effectively trapped by the 4.8m long planks which stretched literally from the front door to the back door of my house.

Each plank is 4.8m long - that should do it

Each plank is 4.8m long - trapped the dog in the house!

How shiny and smooth is that?

How shiny and smooth is that?

If you think (like me) that it looks pretty damn lovely, you should smell it! Can’t wait to fit it (although it will be the weekend before I get the chance). In the meantime I’ve got to decide how to finish the sides and back of the roof… In my hurry to lay the felt I didn’t leave enough overlap to cut it horizontally and maintain a clean line from front-to-back so debating whether to lay more felt on top or cut it diagonally, trying to maintain an even height from front-to-back. What do you think?

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