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26th June
written by Dom

God! You couldn’t make it up…. Diesel, our big old bruiser of a cat comes yowling in in that way which makes it perfectly clear that he’s brought us a ‘present’. Doogle barks at Diesel to make him drop the mouse, then picks the (still alive) mouse up very carefully in his mouth and takes it back out the door to set it free. 30 seconds later Doogle brings the mouse back in and gives it to me – it’s tiny and its shivering. By this point Diesel is wrapping himself around my legs, clearly keen to get the mouse – the dog is chasing the cat to make sure he doesn’t get the mouse… I put the mouse on the front doorstep to set it free but it seems its back leg may be broken. At this point I go back into the living room and put my sandals on in order to go and investigate further… I open the door and the mouse is gone – thank God I think – it was fine and it’s got away…. Until I hear Max (the other cat) running away up the road making that growling noise he makes when he’s got a ‘present’ for us… Jaysus – I expect round two any time. All this took place over the space of two minutes.

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